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Native Show, has been entertaining and informing the Bahamas for 22 years. We have worked with a wide range of businesses and have covered countless Bahamian cultural events.

Native Stew, was started in 1994 as a half-hour television show which quickly became a weekly window into Bahamian living rooms, highlighting all things Bahamian. The show gave a ringside seat to festivals, regattas and cultural events of the country. In 2000 the show travelled to Cuba for its first show outside the Bahamas. Viewers can depend on the show for a weekly taste of whats going on in the Bahamas.

In 2006 the show's name changed to 'Native Show' a more; accurate reflection of the mission. And in 2008 the show travelled to Florida to cover the openning of Bank of The Bahamas first Florida office, making the first story covered in the USA. The show is committed to expanding coverage of Bahamian stories overseas.

Native Show aims to produce television shows, commercials, features and documentaries that entertain and inform all of us at the same time we are committed to giving vendors, organizers a tool for proactive and highly effective coverage of thier events and ideas.

Native Show, has accumulated over two hundred shows over the many years creating a Bahamian National Treasure.




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